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How to Wear AirPods: 5 Tips to Keep Your AirPods from Falling Out

How should you wear your AirPods? How do you keep AirPods Pro from falling out? Whatever model of AirPods you have, you may have had problems with your AirPods falling out of your ears. In this article, we’ll give you some tips for getting your AirPods to stay where they belong.

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How to Keep AirPods & AirPods Pro from Falling Out of Your Ears

  1. Wear your AirPods sideways or upside down. A quick and easy way to keep your AirPods from falling out is to just give them a little twist. Instead of putting them in your ears with the stems facing down, as usual, you can try turning them sideways or even upside down. For some people, this may help wedge the AirPods more tightly in your ear. Keep in mind, when you do this, your microphone will be pointed away from your mouth, so it may be more difficult to have phone, FaceTime, or Zoom conversations with your AirPods in.
  2. Try different ear tips. AirPods Pro come with three different sizes of silicone tips, so of course, trying each of these may help you find the best fit for your ears. If none of these work, you can order third-party ear tips, like the Comply Foam Tips 2.0 Compatible with Apple AirPods Pro. Not only can these help make a more form-fitting seal in your ears, they are also foam instead of silicone, which is a big help if you have a silicone sensitivity.
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  3. Attach ear hooks to your AirPods. Ear hooks are third-party accessories you can attach to your AirPods. They loop over your ear to keep your AirPods from falling out of your ears. You can find ear hooks for AirPods and ear hooks for AirPods Pro from a wide variety of retailers.
  4. Use AirPods covers. If you’re not a fan of attaching a bulky ear hook to your AirPods, you might consider looking into AirPods covers. These accessories are available for AirPods 1 and AirPods 2. They slip over the head of your AirPods and help create both a more comfortable and secure fit. EarSkinz has a variety of different options.
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  5. Do it yourself with waterproof tape. An enterprising user on the MacRumors forums found a method of keeping their AirPods snug in their ears using waterproof tape. According to user NewZealandMatt, cutting out small pieces of waterproof tape and affixing them to your AirPods can add some grip to keep your AirPods 1 or AirPods 2 from slipping out and getting lost. While this fix is pretty ingenious, and the user claims that their AirPods still fit in the charging case and charge properly, modifying any of your Apple products might void your warranty and leave you to your own devices (pun intended) if anything goes wrong. I would recommend using this tip only as a last resort.

We hope at least one of these tips is just what you’re looking for to keep your AirPods or AirPods Pro from falling out of your ears. Once your AirPods are staying in, maybe you’ll be interested to learn how to connect two pairs of AirPods to one iPhone or iPad, so you can share your audio with a friend.